Monday, March 28, 2011

A Little About Me...

Yep.  That's me.  And my loves.  My three son's and my hubster. :)
I wanted you to get to know me a little bit today!

I like to consider myself a SAHM, even though I practically have 2 full time jobs...or three!  I work outside of my home while my husband stays home with the boys, which allows me to be home during the week, while he is at work.  It's hard not really seeing each other much...but it's not's just for now.  One day I hope to finish my degree for Paralegal...but not until the kids are much older!

I started my Etsy business in Dec. of 2010.  When my youngest was just 3 months old.  I know it's a lot to take on, but I really really love to sew, so I jumped in with both feet! 
{and I can only make so many things for my own children}

Speaking of sewing...I had NEVER sewn anything my entire life until last May.  I asked for a sewing machine for mothers day, and my first project was my son's quilt, I was bound a determined to make him something, that was cute and handmade by me.  :)

Even though I am sure we are done having crazy kids {and normal ones too},
 I'd still love to have a little girl!!

Now head over to Jill's blog to enter my Ruffle Bag Giveaway!!


Anonymous said...

I'm leaving a comment from the giveaway! I'm so excited! :) Beautiful blog!
- Ashley

Anonymous said...
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~Dawn~ said...

Hi there, I'm a new follower from the giveaway. I LOVE the rainy days and Monday's bag with the ruffles. It's just too too cute. You have a great shop!

Dawn @ Mom-a-Logues

Anonymous said...

Leaving a comment for a giveaway. Love your unique ruffles! Hattie :)

Sarah said...

Wow I would love to know how you learned to sew if you just started last year...(books, class, friends, internet?) Every thing is beautiful. I am just starting to sew again after doing some in high school but thats been about 7 years so thats what has brought me to reading all these blogs. hoping to learn someting! thanks!

jennie said...

Hi Sarah! I read alot of blogs and tutorials and watched alot on you tube and bought lots of books from Amy Butler!! :) The books weren't as helpful as the internet was {not as many pictures} I am a pitcure kind of learner!! I need lots and lots of pictures! I sew almost everyday and have learned from my mistakes!! Trust me...have made plenty of them!!! :) Thanks for asking!

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