Thursday, June 16, 2011

Long Time!!

I know it's been a while, sorry guys!  I am still here!! :)  G started crawling, which is keeping me VERY busy, and has begun only giving me hour naps...leaving me little to no time to sew, blog, or create...but thats ok!  He's only little for such a short time right?!

I only have 3 ruffle bags left in the shop, and as of today they are on sale {at a BIG DISCOUNT}  They came down from $58 to $40.  I will not be making any more ruffle bags, unless I get a custom order for one.  I will be replacing these with reusable, washable market totes to carry your grocery items in {sorry none to show off just yet}....they are pretty cute and should be in the shop within the next few weeks!  These are the three ruffle bags I have left:

{This one is made with Organic cotton on the outside!}

Perfect to use for a weekend getaway this summer, or use everyday as a carry-all bag or diaper bag!

In other news...E lost his first AND second tooth, the tooth fairy came, and the dog chewed up my tooth fairy pillow I made for him.  E was pretty upset with her, and thought the tooth fairy wouldn't be able to come until he had another one!  So I am off to make a new one!

Hope your all enjoying SUMMER!!! :)

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Beth said...

oh my, i do not think I am ready to have my oldest boy's teeth coming out yet! Also, when did you get your new banner? It is too cute! I have your blog bookmarked for my next design redo! (: Hugs!

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